TaleN's Vision

There are so many talented people in this world, but only a few become stars because many young people lack access to the guidance, training opportunities and funds they need to succeed. We strive to level out the playing field by providing a vibrant platform for young talents to train and showcase their talent to a global audience. We want to create a collaborative and creative community that helps young talents reach their full potential.

Who we are?

Have you ever wanted to become a famous singer or dancer, but didn’t know where to start?
TaleN is here to guide your way.

TaleN helps aspiring entertainers & creators grow, create, perform, fundraise, and connect with fans from all over the world via its platform. 

More Talent, more opportunity. 

How does TaleN work?


1) Submit an audition video of yourself for The 111 Project. Once selected by our team, you become a TaleN Star!

2) As a TaleN Star, you can post videos of yourself- performances, practices; you name it- on your video channel. Users have the option of supporting you financially to become your “supporter.”

3) Supporter funds go towards your professional dance, music, beauty or style training- if you earn enough funds, you can take online or offline courses on TaleN for free! These funds can also go towards producing quality music, photo, and video content, with the help of the TaleN team. 

4) TaleN Stars with the most votes from fans become TaleN Trainees. Trainees can compete to become a Debut Group Member.

5) Once you reach a level of profitable success, a portion of your earnings are given back to your supporters, as a gift of gratitude.


Not interested in becoming a star? No worries!

You still have access to a wide variety of online and offline music, dance, beauty, and style courses, and can follow our incredible young talents on our platform.

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