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Band Project

Spread your talent worldwide!


Submit a video of yourself playing an instrument to

become part of TaleN's Band

We are looking for talented individuals who can play instruments.

Once you are selected as a member of TaleN's Band, you will be playing music for TaleN and you will also get to present your work through our upcoming TaleN App!

You do not need to be Korean! TaleN consider applicants of all nationalities regardless of gender! 


Types of instrument we are looking for:

Guitar, Base, Keyboard, Drum



How to participate 

Apply : Submit the application form below. You will receive a confirmation email after you apply. 

Any genre of a song is welcomed but you must play a full song in your video / portfolio.

(If you are a team, one person from the group should fill out the consent form and write your team mates' information (It should include all of the questions on the form)

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