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Online Training Program

If you are already good enough you can try out for our online audition or other auditions right away. However, if you want to actually win auditions it is important to improve your vocal, rap, dance, and beauty skills and practice. That is why we recommend that you take our Online Training Programs!

Program Disclaimer

  • Our programs are mainly designed to help you improve your skills and practice for auditions- they do NOT make you a trainee.

  • Our programs are also NOT free. 

Program benefits

  • All program purchasers receive the opportunity to consult with the TaleN Team about their online audition. Non-program purchasers are prohibited from asking about our audition. 

  • Program purchasers get to submit an additional audition video entry per program purchased!


Program prices

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Online pre-recorded vocal & rap lesson: 

15-20 lesson videos: $99  ($49 for a limited time offer!)
Online pre-recorded dance lesson: 

15-20 lesson videos: $99  ($49 for a limited time offer!)

Online pre-recorded beauty lesson: 

15-20 lesson videos: $99  ($49 for a limited time offer!)

Online live 1 on 1 vocal & rap lesson:

10 lessons: $850 
  20 lessons: $1500

Online live 1 on 1 dance lesson

10 lessons: $850
  20 lessons: $1500

Online live 1 on 1 Korean lesson

12 lessons: $460
  24 lessons: $860

    36 lessons: $1200

*Once our lessons launch, we will notify purchasers through email.

*You can pay with any currency- your currency will automatically be converted  to dollars when you pay through PayPal. There is also an option to pay with a  debit or credit card on the last payment page, if you don't have a PayPal account.

*If you can't afford our lessons, refer to our FAQS page to learn how you can. 

Purchase Pre-recorded Lessons

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Offline Training Program

TaleN also serves as a platform that connects talents with professional vocal, dance, beauty and style instructors in Korea. If you want a more immersive, vibrant, and interactive training and cultural experience, our offline programs in Seoul may be for you. Fill out the form below and we will send you more information on our Offline Training Programs! Please refer to the TaleN FAQs page for any questions.

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