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The Audition Process

1) Is there a deadline to audition?

Yes. Please make sure to upload an audition video to your Instagram within 10 days of filling out the audition application on The 111 Project page. If you submit multiple application forms, your deadline will be based on your FIRST application date. 


2) How do I audition?


First, submit the audition application form on The 111 Project. You only need to submit the form once. After you application is received, the TaleN Team will send you detailed instructions via email.

Second, upload your audition video on Instagram. You  MUST follow ALL the rules and requirements in the audition instructions email to qualify for this audition.


3) Do I need to go to Korea during or after auditions?


Our entire audition process is conducted ONLINE, not in person. You are NOT required to come to Korea during or after our audition process. If you wish to come to Korea, you must apply for our Offline Training Programs in Seoul. Find more information about our programs below. 

4) Do I need to be Korean to audition? 

No. We are open to all ethnicities and cultures! TaleN auditions recruit global members and we have many foreign applicants.


5) How many times can I audition?

There can only be ONE audition entry per person! Applicants who submit more than one audition video will be disqualified.

If you take one of TaleN's online vocal or dance lessons, you will get a chance to submit a second entry. If you take both our dance and vocal lessons, you get to submit two more entries! You can also participate in one of our Offline Training Programs in Korea for another chance to audition. 

6) Can I send in my audition video before taking the online lessons?

You can, but please remember that you will only get one opportunity ot audition. 

7) Who is evaluating the audition submissions?

Our internal evaluations team looks over the submissions and collectively decides which applicants get to move onto Phase 2.

8) When will I get a response back about my auditions?

Please expect to hear back from us within 31 days of uploading your audition video. Please note that we will only be reaching out to applicants who have been selected for Phase 2. 

9) How do I know you received my audition video?

Please understand that due to the amount of inquiries we receive, we will only reach out to applicants who have been selected to move onto Phase 2. If you don't hear back from us within a month of submitting your audition video, it means your audition has not been selected. 

10) Questions regarding video requirements (location, time frame, background, etc...).

Please make sure to read over our Audition Instructions closely! All of our general rules and video requirements can be found in the content of the Audition Instructions email. In order to be considered as an applicant you must meet ALL the rules and requirements listed on the email.

11) Do I need to pay to audition?

No, you do not. All you have to do is follow the guidelines in the Audition Instructions email.

12) How long does my audition video have to be?

The video must be the full length of a song.

13) Due to the COVID-19 situation, my area of residence is under a lock-down. Can I film in my house?

Yes, due to these special circumstances, TaleN is making an exception and allowing audition videos to be filmed indoors. However, those who do so will be asked to re-film their audition video once they move onto Phase 2. If you want to avoid filming another video, we recommend filming your audition on your rooftop, on a street, or in your garden.

14) Can I do a remix instead of a full song?

Yes, just make sure that your remix is the length of a full song!

15) I’ve never taken singing or dancing classes before, will this put me at a disadvantage?

No, we will be evaluating you based on your skills and potential, regardless of what your training background is. 

16) Can I choose more than one genre for my audition video?

If the song you choose combines elements of two or multiple genres, that is fine. However, your submission can't be two separate video entries. 

17) Will I be able to perform in front of big crowds if I pass the online audition?

Not right away. Once you pass the auditions, you will have chance to post video content for an online global audience. If you become selected as a TaleN Trainee, you will have the chance to compete with other Trainees to become a TaleN Star. TaleN Stars debut in groups or as solo artists, and get to have their own online/offline showcase and concerts!

18) Would it be okay for me to play background music if I plan on singing and dancing?

Yes! If you plan on dancing, or dancing and singing during your audition, you can play music:
  *Dance entry: Track can contain vocals
  *Dance and vocal entry: Track must be instrumental

The no background music rule only applies if you are submitting a vocal entry only.

Training Programs

1) Are TaleN's Online and Offline programs free?

No, please refer to the Programs page for more pricing information. 

2) Why should I take TaleN's Online and Offline programs?

There are three main reasons for why you should take our programs:

1. To improve your singing or dancing skills for the best shot at successful auditions.

2. To qualify to receive audition counseling from the TaleN Team. Those who have not purchased additional TaleN training will be disqualified if they send the TaleN Team any audition inquiries.

3. To be able to submit an additional audition entry per program purchased. 

3) How do I register for Online and Offline programs?

Online Programs: You can purchase our Online vocal and dance lessons on our Programs page.  You can pay with your PayPal account or your debit/credit card. 

Offline Programs: Email us at and tell us your desired program, program duration, and approximate date of arrival and departure. Our TaleN Team will send you the payment link and invoice regarding detailed programs. 


4) Can I go to Korean to train?


Yes, you can train in Korea if you apply for our Offline Training Programs in Seoul.

5) I can't afford your programs. 

If you become a TaleN Star by being selected in Phase 1 of our online audition, you will be able to raise funds from users via your TaleN Star channel. TaleN will apply the funds you raise toward your training at its discretion. 

We highly recommend our Online vocal and dance lessons if you need a more affordable training option!

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6) Do you offer Korean language programs?

Yes, you can participate in our Offline Training Programs in Korea to improve your Korean! You will be able to take lessons at a Korean language academy during the program. TaleN also offers Online Korean Programs.

7) Do I have to be Korean? Do I have to learn Korean?

No, our auditions and training programs are open to people of all nationalities! Learning Korean can be helpful if you want to train in the Kpop genre, but it is not a necessity. 

8) Do I have to move to Korea once I become a Trainee?

No, you can choose to train from anywhere in the world using our Online Training Programs.  

9) Do Offline programs require me to pay extra for the equipment needed?

No, program fees include the cost of equipment. 

10) Is there any weight criteria for training?


11) Do I have to follow a specific time schedule for your Offline/Online programs?

Our pre-recorded online lessons can be viewed anytime, anywhere for your convenience. Our live online lessons will require you to schedule a time with your online instructor.

As for our Offline Training Programs, you will have a program itinerary detailing class and activity times.  


12) How can I train for free?

If you become a TaleN Star by being selected in Phase 1 of The 111 Project and are able to raise funds from users via your TaleN Star channel, TaleN will apply the funds raised toward your training at its discretion. 


1)  If I get chosen as a TaleN Trainee, what happens next?

As a TaleN Trainee, you will become a part of The 111 Project, where you will continue to post videos, train, interact with fans, and raise support funds on TaleN. The main difference is that you will get to compete with other Trainees for a chance to debut online/offline as a Debut Group Member. 

2) What is TaleN's vision?

Please refer to our About page. 

3) Can anyone open their own video channel on TaleN?

No. In order to open a video channel on TaleN, you must enter our online audition and be selected by the TaleN Team to move onto Phase 2.

4) I sent an email to, but did not get a response.

Please understand that due to the amount of inquries we receive, we cannot respond to all individual email inquiries. Please refer to this TaleN FAQs page for any questions you have.

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