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TaleN Story

Despite the spread of the coronavirus in early March, YUNA, a Japanese college senior who plans to start work in April, traveled to Seoul in pursuit of her unstoppable dreams. She attended TaleN's Audition Training Program for the second time!

This is the story of her journey in Seoul!

YUNA rehearsed her K-POP girl group dance cover, trained in a recording studio with a former vocal trainer at YG, and honed her amazing voice to technique.

YUNA's Korean is also improving daily as she takes intensive classes with a hand-picked Korean instructor!

A makeup artist brings out the best of YUNA’s natural beauty, while another artist analyzes YUNA's skin and features. YUNA and the makeup artist discuss what kind of makeup is best suited specifically for her. A TaleN staff enthusiastically works with the makeup artist to bring the vision to reality.

And voila! Finally we can see YUNA's amazing transformation! Doesn't she look like a K-POP idol?

On her last day in Seoul, YUNA enjoys some sightseeing in Yeontral Park. It’s a beautiful day outside as she explores the small paths of Yeonnam.

YUNA is ready to soar with her new TaleN wings!    

Sprinkling your talent into the world


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