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TaleN's Vision

In the generation of social media, more and more people want to become artists instead of just fans; however, only a few have the means and opportunities to get a contract with a talent agency. TaleN is here to help provides management services  for aspiring music, dance, and visual artists to help them succeed.

We strive to level out the playing field by providing a platform for young artists to train their talents as well as showcase their skills to a global audience.

TaleN aims to create a collaborative and creative community to help young talents reach their full potential.

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Dance Team

111 Project

A three phase system where users can audition and get selected as TaleN  Trainees.

TaleN Channels

Share your TaleN journey with fans.

Raise support funds for your training and professional content production costs. 

TaleN Fanclubs

Earn fan following around the globe and have your own fanclub!

Fans have the option of supporting you financially to become your “supporter.”

Who we are

Have you ever wanted to become a famous singer or dancer, but didn’t know where to start?
TaleN is here to guide your way.

TaleN helps aspiring entertainers & creators grow, create, perform, fundraise, and connect with fans from all over the world via its platform.

Showcase your talents worldwide.

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