TaleN Channels

Share your TaleN journey with fans. Raise support funds for your training and professional music, photo, and video production costs. 

TaleN Fanclubs

Earn fan following around the globe and have your own fanclub!

Fans have the option of supporting you financially to become your “supporter.”

How TaleN Works


  1st Selection

2nd Selection

TaleN Trainee
Group Member
  • Audition Online

  • Participate in Online and Offline Training Programs

  • Have your own video channel and fan club

  • Interact with fans and supporters (financial donors)

  • Post video content

  • Raise supporter funding**

  • Compete with other TaleN Trainees in projects to become a Debut Group Member

  • Release your own album

  • Have your own offline showcase/concert

  • Further your music/dance career in the global market

**Supporter funds can be used for TaleNs' training, video content and music production, and TaleN styling

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