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Solo Artist Project

Spread your talent worldwide!


The Solo Artist Project is a three phase system where talented individuals will debut as a solo unit


What are TaleN Trainees?

TaleN Trainees are ONLINE trainees who will compete with other trainees for a chance to debut globally as a Solo Unit!

Unlike the 111 Project, The Solo Artist Project:

  • Accept trainees from all ages

  • will be able to debut as an individual unit

Unlike traditional Kpop trainees, TaleN Trainees:

  • Do NOT need to come to Korea to audition! The Solo Art Project audition will be held entirely ONLINE.


  • Do NOT need to come to Korea to train! TaleN Trainees will be able to train from anywhere in the world using our Online/Offline programs.​

  • Do NOT need to be Korean! TaleN consider applicants of all nationalities regardless of gender! 


Phase 1: Online Audition

 Users audition online. The TaleN team evaluates each audition entry   internally, and those who are selected move into Phase 2. 

Phase 2: Voting 

Once a user moves into Phase 2, they become a TaleN Star.

They will get their own profile page, video channel, and fan club on the TaleN platform. 

By using TaleN's video channel and fan club, TaleN Stars can: 

Dance Team

Start your own channel !

Post practice and performance videos on their own channel! Gain a following on the TaleN app by showing off your skills!


Raise funds through fan support !

These funds will go towards paying for online/offline training with TaleN, as well as producing professional music, photo, and video content with the help of the TaleN team.

Fans in Concert

Connect with your fans !

Amass a fan following from around the globe and interact with them through their very own fan club!

Fans will vote for their favorite TaleN Stars, and the most voted TaleN Stars from each cohort will move onto Phase 3 to become TaleN Trainees. 

Phase 3: Compete 


As TaleN Trainees take TaleN's Offline/Online Programs and continue to improve, the TaleN team will evaluate their progress and abilities. Exceptional Trainees will gain the opportunity to debut offline/online as Debut Group Members. 


How to audition

1) Apply: Submit the audition application form below. You only need to submit the form once. You will receive detailed audition instructions via email after you apply. 

2) Upload your audition video on Instagram. You must follow ALL the rules and requirements on the audition instructions email to be considered.

**Please do NOT email or message the TaleN Team any with audition related questions. Those who ask the TaleN Team questions realted to the audition will be disqualified, unless they have purchased our Online or Offline Programs.

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